On May 2, 2017 The Greater New Orleans Foundation will host GiveNola, a 24 hour event that raises money for local organizations. On Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Lantern Light invites you to Open House at the Rebuild Center.

Come and learn how your monetary donations to Lantern Light at the Rebuild Center will help us continue the services we provide to the homeless and less fortunate of New Orleans.



If one Miracle is Happening Somewhere, then Miracles are Happening Everywhere.

Every day at Lantern Light we witness miracles.  Someone gets a good medical report, someone finds out they are going to be housed, or someone obtains their birth certificate or identification card after numerous attempts.  While these successes might not seem to be major incidents to you, for others they may be the difference between life and death.  In a world that often seems bleak and filled with hopelessness, these sprinkles of miracles restore hope and faith to the guests we serve. Is there a report you’re waiting on?  Is there a solution to one problem you’ve been experiencing that could possibly change your life around?  If so, don’t lose hope.  Keep the faith.  You never know, your miracle might just be on the way!


Help Lantern Light Continue Fighting Hunger

For years Lantern Light has endeavo the hungry and homeless of New Orleans, as our feeding programs are at the heart of our ministry.  Monday – Friday, our organization provides meals to anyone that comes through our doors at 8:00 am and 1:00 pm.  These feedings draw almost 200 or more individuals daily and they often shed light on the global issue of hunger and poverty.

From now through March 31st, you can participate in Gulf Coast Bank’s community rewards program and support Lantern Light in its efforts to continue the fight against hunger.  By casting one vote daily for our organization, you can help the ministry to win a share of $50,000.00 that will be distributed among the top 10 non-profit organizations who gain the most votes. Join us now.  With a click of your computer mouse, you can support Lantern Light’s feeding program and help to fight hunger.

Vote here daily through March 31st.


When Social Work Works!

The mark of a good social worker can often be found in an individual that possesses the 3 C’s, caring, creative, and confident.  All of these great qualities are found in Lantern Light’s social worker, Catheryn Major.  Initially, Ms. Major joined the agency as an intern, and was later asked to join our staff upon obtaining her Master’s Degree in Social Work.  She used her confidence and creativity to quickly learn the ins and outs of the organization, and with a caring heart, she has won the trust and admiration of the many guests for whom she provides various services to everyday.  Ms. Major is a true asset to Lantern Light and we applaud her efforts to help enhance, empower, and enrich the lives of the individuals that she serves.


Help Us Dress Our Guests For Success!

WhiteShirtBlack PantsLantern Light at the Rebuild Center is holding a Black and White clothing drive to help the homeless and less fortunate of our community with proper attire for interviews and employment. We are taking donations of new or slightly worn white dress shirts and black dress pants for men and women of all sizes.

You may drop off your donation at the Rebuild Center between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm.


Lantern Light to Participate in GiveNOLA Day

GiveNOLA Day May 3, 2016For a decade Lantern Light Ministry has proudly served the homeless and less fortunate of New Orleans. Since that time, we have touched the lives of thousands of individuals and know that our success could not be possible without the support you have given to our organization over the years.

This year, Lantern Light at the Rebuild Center will participate in GiveNola Day on May 3, 2016. This fundraiser, which has been sponsored by the Greater New Orleans Foundation for the past three years, enables individuals to support local nonprofit organizations in the Greater New Orleans area. With the click of a button you can help Lantern Light continue to help individuals rise above the challenges of being homeless and overcome the obstacles of not having adquate means to feed their families.

Please help us spread the word about GiveNola Day by sharing this message with family and friends and ask them to support Lantern Light during this great fundraiser. Then make a donation to us by visiting anytime between midnight on May 3rd and midnight on May 4th, search for our nonprofit and click “Donate Now.” From now until midnight, every gift of $10 or more made to Lantern Light on could help us win a $1,000 through Rock-Around-the-Clock, the randomly selected prize given each hour to any participating nonprofit that received a donation in that hour. We truly appreciate your continued support of this Ministry and know that you will help us to make this event a great success.


A Word from Sisters Enid and Vera


In 2005 we, five Presentation Sisters, under the auspices of the North American Conference of Presentation Sisters, began ministering to the poor and homeless of the city of New Orleans right after hurricane, Katrina. Presently for the past two years there are only two Sisters here, Sister Vera and I, Sister Enid.   We know well that things cannot remain the same forever. It was the decision of the Conference that we look for another way to continue the work that we began in 2005. During these past ten years we have built up a wonderful group of volunteers. We have established a Board of Trustees who has demonstrated that they hold Lantern Light’s future as a very important part of the future of New Orleans. Presently the Board has hired a new Director, Mrs. Kenitha Grooms-Williams. Ms. Beth Monahan has been hired as the Kitchen Coordinator.   We have been assisting in this transition.

If nothing ever changed there would be no Butterflies. . . . . . . . . .       butterflies

We believe that the Presentation Spirit will continue into the future here at Lantern Light through the laity.   As religious congregations begin to age they are finding what a rich resource there is in the laity of our church. It is now time to step aside and encourage the laity to take their place in the leadership in our church. They are our Butterflies. We are so proud of them. We thank you for your support in the past and we encourage you to continue your support of Lantern Light into the future. Your time, talent and financial support are so important to the future of Lantern Light.


Sisters Enid and Vera