As many gather around the dining table to share in a holiday meal, indulge in the opening of presents around the family Christmas tree, or share in the tradition of annual New Year’s Eve gathering, it is with a spirit of thanks and goodwill to all that I ask you to remember those in need during this holiday season.

The word “need” denotes that there is a thing that is necessary or wanted.  At some point in time, we all have a need in our lives, but we often negate to put ourselves in the same position as those we consider to be “in need.”  Let us remember that the elderly person in the line at the grocery store who lives alone, the young individual holding a sign a the stop light that we anxiously wait to pass up, or the lady that stands near the door of the restaurant asking for food, are often in search of that same “need” that we may be longing for.  An opportunity, a word of compassion, or a simple smile could all be considered a need that we can benefit from as one to receive or give.  So as you forge into the new year, and you remember those in need, be encouraged that if you can find a way to feed your “need,” there are simple things you can do to help others do the same.

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